Spika’s design and engineering team has years of experience developing upper-level access, fall protection, and support equipment solutions for a variety of industries. All of our designs are compliant with OSHA requirements, and because we specialize in aluminum, all of our systems are designed in accordance with the Aluminum Design Manual. Our depth of expertise ensures you of a product that is world-class in quality, access, safety, and innovation.

Design Your Custom Work Platform or Support Equipment

Your Priorities Are Our Priorities

Once a project is initiated, our design team takes your requirements and develops a design basis document which provides the governing guidelines for our design team. All of our designs undergo a rigorous internal design review before they are introduced onto the shop floor for production.  For more complex systems, in addition to internal design reviews, we conduct customer design reviews at the 50% and 90% design points.

On the more complex designs we conduct stability analysis and utilize Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure that both stresses and deflections are compliant with good engineering practices and suitable for the application.  Additionally, we can provide designs stamped by a registered professional engineer if required.

If desired, you will be able to view the model in 3D. We can show you how it will interface with your equipment and tooling, and even how it will fit in your facility. We also provide you with an approval drawing to ensure we are meeting all of your requirements.

Once through production, all of our products undergo a thorough check-out and test/inspection process. They are also load tested to four times the rated load to ensure the product will safely meet your requirements.

Core Competencies

Spika’s design and engineering core competencies are in the area of structural aluminum products, particularly work platforms and support equipment. Our areas of expertise include:

Spika Guarantee 

Spika guarantees all of our products for a minimum of one year, and often five years or more. While we work hard to ensure our products meet all of your requirements with no problems, if you do experience an issue with any Spika product we will immediately do everything it takes to correct the problem and get you back to work.

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