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Spika’s success is by design.

Forged in the ethos that put Americans on the moon, Spika Design & Manufacturing, Inc. is a design-led manufacturing company, built on the timeless American values of quality, manufacturing ingenuity and innovation.
Our Design and Innovation department prides itself in its ability to put itself in the factory worker’s safety-shoes to develop unique ways to tackle a variety of ergonomic challenges in manufacturing, assembly, and MRO, across industries.

Chief Innovation Officer and founder, Tom Spika heads the Spika Design and Innovation Center, embedded within our manufacturing and sales function, and his team of designers works closely with our customers, anticipating their every need and offering designs for issues that customers may not yet have considered.

With a collective experience of over 150 years, our Design & Innovation Center boasts artists, designers, draftsmen and draftswomen, and seasoned mechanical engineers who have meticulously tailored products for customers with unique designs that have solved access problems at elevations across a broad range of industries, including aerospace, defense, transportation, manufacturing and infrastructure.

Please scroll down for an overview of our design philosophy, a peek into our work and our track record of innovation over the years.

Bring us your most complex access challenges.

At Spika, we have solved extremely challenging and complex access problems for some of the biggest brand-names from around the world, across a variety of industries. Shown below, are some examples. To view more portfolios of some of the work that we have done for leading global customers, please visit our home page.

OSHA compliant mobile aluminum circular work platform.

Design is in our DNA.

The spring well of our innovation lies in our relentless quest for design soundness, which is a 360-degree customer-centric perspective on design.


Here’s a high-level timeline of innovations that Spika introduced to address various fall-protection needs, which subsequently became industry-standards.
There are several reasons why our customers keep coming back to us over and over again.  However, it is our design and innovation expertise that make them treat us as a partner, and a trusted ally in their various missions, and evangelize us where appropriate. Contact us today!