Spika’s Engine Service Stands support engines at a service height of 3’ (91 cm) or as specified. Ideal for both transporting the engine and supporting it for efficient access during maintenance. Constructed of lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum, the service stand is easily moved, stable, and secure. Removable caster assemblies allow for the stand to be placed on the ground. Stand provides accurate mounting and placement of customer-supplied mounting hardware.

Spika’s Rotor Head Cart is a durable dolly built from lightweight aluminum and sturdy 6” (15 cm) casters. It features a 1500 lb. (680 kg) capacity, a lower utility shelf, and unobstructed access from underneath. The cart weighs 150 lbs. (68 kg) and can be built to accommodate the rotor head of any helicopter. Tool tray under deck folds up and stores out of the way when not needed. Handrail removes when not in use. Fork pockets provide easy forklift handling and movement.

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