Specialty Trailers

Spika designs and manufactures several special-application trailers, service dollies, and wagons for aviation and industrial applications. With products as varied as compressor-mounting trailers to helicopter landing or handling platforms, Spika has the expertise and capability to design and build off-road transport equipment to suit your needs.

Rail Trailers

Rail Trailer

Spika's aluminum rail trailers are designed to accept military standard rail-mounted fixtures.

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UIS Trailers and Dollies

UIS Trailer
UIS Dolly

Spika’s UIS Trailers and Service Dollies utilize an interchange fixture allowing large components, including turbine engines, gear boxes, APUs, and even rotor blades, to be supported, secured, and transferred between the tow-behind trailers and shop-floor dollies.  UIS Trailers provide far superior access to supported components than typical rail trailers, facilitating efficient service and overhaul operations.

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Landing Carts

Helicopter Landing Cart

Spika’s helicopter landing and handling carts are designed to easily accommodate uneven aprons and flightlines, as well as inclines into hangars.  Supported by eight 16” pneumatic casters, the articulated frame allows the platform to conform to the ground surface while maintaining a stable and secure deck.  Surfaced with all-weather, anti-skid material, the carts come standard with a removable drawbar and wheel brakes for parking.  The landing area can be built to your specified dimensions.

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