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Safety. Quality. Innovation.

That’s why Spika Stands for Productivity.

At Spika, we know that the initial cost of a well-designed, high quality work platform is easily offset by higher productivity, reduced worker fatigue, better quality workmanship, and superior fall protection. When you team with us, regardless of your access needs, you can trust Spika to provide you with a system that meets or exceeds your highest expectations.

We specialize in aircraft maintenance stands, industrial work platforms, and custom work platforms. We also offer several standard modifications that can easily be made to any work platform.

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Why Spika Work Platforms?

Designs that Meet Your Access Requirements

  • Clear-span designs allow unobstructed access beneath the work platform.
  • Cantilevered deep C-frames allow extensive overreach of obstacles.
  • Sliders extend to interface with aircraft or equipment, providing complete fall protection. Our pneumatic slider locking system secures the sliders into place with the flip of one switch and stays locked even if air pressure is lost, while our friction locking system requires no air to operate and can be used on ultra-thin decks.
  • Bumpers protect the aircraft or equipment from accidental contact.
  • Under-deck foam provides protection against head injury for personnel working underneath the deck.
  • Optional adjustable handrails lower to accommodate overhead interference.
UH-60 Black Hawk Phase Maintenance Platform
Front half of a UH-60 Black Hawk Phase Maintenance Platform

Mobility and Versatility of Configuration

  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction minimizes module weight for easy movement.
  • High quality, industrial-duty casters, brakes, and indexing pins are built to stand up to travel over rough and uneven surfaces.
  • Most platforms can easily be moved by only two people.
  • Standard modules offer 1’, 2’, or even 3’ (30, 61, or 91 cm) of height adjustability through manual, electric, or hydraulic actuation; adjustability of 7’ (213 cm) or greater can be achieved through our dual-stage leg sets.
  • Stable, smooth acting variable-pitch staircases accommodate large height variances without the bottom step rising off the ground.
  • Ladders adjust in height, maintaining an ergonomic pitch and ensuring the feet are securely on the ground.
  • Platform end heights can be adjusted independently to accommodate uneven or sloped surfaces.
  • Staircases can be designed to connect perpendicular or parallel to any side or corner, ensuring proper fit within available floor space.
Dual Stage Leg Work Platform with 6' of Height Adjustability
Dual stage leg work platform with 6' of height adjustability
(3' - 9')

Quick and Simple Set-Up and Reconfiguration

  • Camlock railing attachments utilize fully-captured hardware on a firm, secure rail; handrails are easily removed and relocated in seconds without tools or the potential for lost parts or FOD.
  • Simple, fast, and secure quick-latch systems eliminate the need to line up pins or clamps when attaching staircases to decks.
  • Clamps or link bars securely couple platforms together.
  • Tool-free assembly versions support quick disassembly and reassembly, allowing for consolidated crating and fast set-up and breakdown for deployment.
Work Platform for Satellite Manufacturing
Work platform for satellite manufacturing

Work Deck Construction You Can Trust

  • Our standard extruded aluminum plank deck provides sure-footed traction that is easy on skin and clothing. Kneel on it, lay on it - you'll never feel like you’re working on a cheese grater.
  • Deck and sliders are solid and free from “sponginess” and flexing so you can feel confident walking on the platform, even with the sliders fully extended.
  • Steps are constructed of all-weather, non-slip extruded aluminum stair tread.
Work Platform that Pins Together for Quick and Tool-Free Assembly and Disassembly
Work platform pins together for quick and tool-free assembly and disassembly

Engineered for Exceptional Stability

  • Work platforms are engineered to support four times the load rating, with physical static load tests and computer analysis to back it up.
  • Telescopic leg assemblies with lifetime-lubricated bushings provide stability and durability far superior to lightweight, wobbly boat trailer jacks used in other systems.
Cantilevered Diving Board Work Platform
Cantilevered diving board work platform

Quality Manufacturing Built to Last

  • All manufacturing takes place in the United States.
  • All welding is performed by certified aluminum welders compliant with AWS D1.2.
  • Powder coated rails provide clear visibility and durability.
Cantilevered Work Platform for Aerospace Manufacturing
Cantilevered work platform for aerospace manufacturing

Aircraft Maintenance Stands

UH-60 Black Hawk Phase Maintenance Stand
UH-60 Black Hawk Phase Maintenance Platform

Aircraft maintenance stands designed for your specific airframe are the safest, most efficient, and user-friendly way to access your aircraft for inspection, daily maintenance, and phase maintenance activities. Using maintenance stands for passive fall protection allows technicians more freedom and flexibility in performing their work, and maintenance stands designed with the user experience as a top priority allow maintenance tasks to be completed quickly and easily.

Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Keep your team safe with maintenance stands that conform to your aircraft.

Versatility of Configuration

Versatility of Configuration

Our maintenance stands have a small footprint and are easily reconfigured to fit within your space restrictions.

Quality Construction

Quality Construction

Spika maintenance stands are designed and tested for rigorous use. Invest in a platform you can trust.

View Aircraft Maintenance Stands

UH-72 Lakota Daily Maintenance Stand

Daily Maintenance Stands

Our daily maintenance stands are height-adjustable, free-standing modules designed for regular maintenance and inspection of your aircraft.

Learn more

F-16 Phase Maintenance Platform

Wrap-Around Maintenance Platforms

Wrap-around maintenance platforms designed and manufactured by Spika set the standard in phase and depot-level aircraft work platforms.

Learn more

Custom maintenance stand for landing gear access

Custom Aircraft Maintenance Stands

If we don't offer it off the shelf, we'll gladly design a maintenance stand to meet the specific access, inspection, and maintenance requirements for your facility and your aircraft.

Learn more

Industrial Work Platforms

Industrial work platform

Spika's industrial work platforms ensure users of an efficient, user-friendly, and safe work environment. With features such as height adjustability, air-locking sliders, extensive cantilevered decks, and versatile configuration options, Spika work stands can solve all access requirements. As the leading experts in the industry, we offer a large variety of mobile work platforms to provide upper-level access, OSHA/ANSI compliance, and fall protection.

Innovative Designs

Innovative Designs

Our work platforms are designed with ease of access as a priority. Interface is so smooth you won't be able to tell you're working off the ground.

Quality Construction

Quality Construction

Spika work platforms are designed and tested for rigorous use. Invest in a platform you can trust.

Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Keep your team safe by providing work platforms that conform to your specific equipment.

View Industrial Work Platforms

Platform Options

Air and Electric Utilties on Work Platform

Our standard work platforms can be modified to meet your unique requirements. Options include switching actuation method (to electric, for example), changing deck material, or adding onboard utilities.

View Platform Options

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