Platform Options

Our standard work platforms can be modified to meet your unique requirements. Options include switching actuation method (to electric, for example), changing deck material, or adding onboard utilities.

View some of our options below, and contact us for more information on these modifications or to request others. You may also want to learn about our custom design capabilities.

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Electric Actuation

Electric Actuation on Work Platform

Upgrade from manual to electric actuation. Supplied via a 12V battery or 110V power cord, or any other voltage you require. Our synchronized actuators ensure uneven loads raise and lower at the same rate.


Adjustable Handrails

Height Adjustable Handrails

Vertically adjustable handrails lower to accommodate overhead interference, while horizontally adjustable rails extend to cover gaps.


Thinline Deck

Thinline Deck Compared to Standard Deck

Our thinline deck reduces the gap between the work deck and the sliders to a minimum. It can also utilize sliders that secure through friction rather than air. On decks without sliders, the thinline design allows a better fit in tight vertical spaces, such as between a rotor and a stabilator.


High Traction Deck Tread

High Traction Deck Tread

This self-draining deck tread is ideal for platforms used outdoors, in blasting areas, or in operations utilizing water, oil, or other liquids.


Anti-Fatigue Deck Mat

Deck with Mat

Increase the comfort of your workstation by adding anti-fatigue mat to the deck.


Air and Electric Supply

Air and Electric Supply on the Work Platform

Connect your air tools and electrical equipment directly to the on-board utility supply. Optional retractable reels eliminate excess hose and trip hazards.


Integrated Lighting

Under Deck Lights

Above- or below-deck lighting wired directly to the platform illuminates all your activities.


Outdoor Utilities

Outdoor Utilities on Work Platform

Upgrade your on-board utilities for use or storage outdoors.


Leveling Jacks

Leveling Jacks and Lifting Columns

If you prefer to remove your work platform from the casters while in use, add on leveling jacks or lifting columns.


Indicator Lights

Indicator Light

Allow personnel to quickly determine if sliders are locked, sliders are fully retracted, flip-decks are up, or other conditions critical to the safe operation of the platform are met.


Tool and Laptop Trays

Tool Tray

Add a tray or two to your platform to hold tools, parts, manuals, laptops, and anything else you need at your fingertips.

Integrated Cabinets and Drawers

Work Platform with Built-In Drawers

Store your tools in standard or locking cabinets integrated into your work platform.

Powder Coat

Green, White, and Yellow Powder Coated Handrails

Safety yellow handrails are our standard, but they may not be yours! Whether you want a different color to match your facility or a top-to-bottom coated system, we can accommodate your requirements.

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