Who We Are

We're small-town Montanans making a big bang in the global work platform market, and we take a lot of pride in what we do. We're not just making work platforms and maintenance support equipment — we're solving problems. And we're very good at it.

Our Clients and Recognition

Spika has done work for Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Space Systems Loral, Solar Turbines, KUKA Systems, Bell Helicopter, Delta, the US Military, foreign militaries, and several other esteemed clients. We have been recognized as Montana Manufacturer of the Year, Montana Exporter of the Year, Montana Family Business of the Year, and Central Montana Business of the Year.

Our Facility and Capabilities

We operate in Central Montana with over 15,000 square feet of production space. All design and engineering is performed in-house using SolidWorks. Our manufacturing capabilities include cutting, CNC and manual machining, sheet metal forming, welding, powder coating, assembly, and crating.

A Letter From Tom Spika, CEO and Director of Design & Engineering

Almost any company can claim to be a leader in their industry, but only Spika can justify why we can say that. Work stands were being built long before Spika entered the field, but since we designed our first systems in 2006, we've introduced dozens of new features and designs that have raised the bar for the industry - concepts that have been embraced by our competitors because of their undeniable improvement over the old industry standards. Designs such as:

  • Telescopic tube leg assemblies that allow one centrally mounted jack to provide height adjustability while incorporating the strength, stability, and durability of a precision machined extension mechanism

  • Variable pitch staircases that ensure OSHA compliance and account for human factors while maintaining infinite adjustability over the entire range of motion

  • Pin-free, snap-to-connect stair module attachments with multiple stair configuration options to best fit the user’s workspace

  • Firm and stable bolt-down safety railing that requires no tools to remove and install, while permanently capturing all fastening hardware to prevent loss and FOD generation

  • Adjustable extension sliders that are positioned and positively secured in a fraction of the time required for traditional designs, all performed from workdeck level, and tested and documented to meet and exceed operational requirements

  • Horizontally and vertically telescoping safety rails, as well as highly adjustable accordion-style barriers that allow complete protection

  • Height adjustability ranges as much as 8 feet while maintaining complete under-platform work access, something scissor lifts are unable to accomplish

  • Extreme overreach capabilities, typically without the need for counterbalance ballast

  • Unique rotational inboard outriggers that provide unequaled stability in applications that limit free access under the target, such as helicopter skids or production fixture tracks

Spika has never been content accepting designs just because they’ve always been done that way. We believe there are always ways to improve on performance, ease of use, versatility, level of safety, facilitation of productivity, and durability. We constantly strive to find those improvements that are not simply “bells and whistles” but are universally embraced by the users as bona fide, beneficial, and desirable improvements. That commitment is fundamental to our company, and has been responsible for Spika’s reputation as the provider of the most desirable access/work stands on the market.  We view our designs and concepts being incorporated into our competitor’s products as the highest compliment, and confirmation that we are indeed the leader in our industry. We take that role as leader very seriously and make the promise to our customers to never settle for “good enough."

Spika, without a doubt, stands for productivity.

Tom Spika, Founder, CEO, and Director of Design & Engineering

Spika Design & Manufacturing



Tom Spika
Tom Spika
Co-Founder | CEO | Director of Design
Carol Spika
Carol Spika
Katie Spika
Katie Spika
COO | Director of Quality Assurance
Bekhi Spika
Bekhi Spika
Director of Sales & Marketing
Jeff Ruffner
Jeff Ruffner
Director of Business Development | PE
Bill Berg
Bill Berg
Project Manager
Ashley Morris
Ashley Morris
Controller | Director of HR
Andrew Porter
Andrew Porter
Lead Designer

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Corporate Philosophy

We are committed to providing a product that exceeds the expectations of the customer, with a desire to do whatever is possible to ensure the customer feels they are better off because they did business with our company.

We will always listen to the needs of the customer and only recommend solutions that we truly believe will be satisfactory.

We are dedicated to providing a high quality product at an affordable cost, and we will not sacrifice craftsmanship and quality in the interest of making a cheaper product.

We are committed to buying and using American-made parts and materials whenever they are available and to supporting local and Montana-based companies whenever possible in the operations of our company.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide fair and just wages to our employees and offer opportunities that allow them to grow and improve their skills and living standards in return for their efforts, loyalty, and commitment to our company and its products.

We encourage our employees to take pride in each product that leaves our door, as it is only through their skills and dedication that we are able to grow a successful business.

We hold our suppliers to a high standard of quality and consistency, and in return we offer our loyalty as long as they are striving to earn it.

We are dedicated to designing and improving our products to facilitate higher efficiency and worker safety for the user. It is our desire to set ever higher standards for the design and overall quality of the products we field, with the belief that no design is so good as to not be improvable.

We recognize an obligation to support our community, both economically and socially, and we enthusiastically encourage well planned growth and expanded opportunities in Central Montana.

We recognize the fact that we enjoy the freedom to grow and prosper only because of the dedication and sacrifices made by our nation’s Armed Forces, and we respect and honor all who serve our nation, from the Commander in Chief down to the soldier in the field.

Above all else, we are committed to being an ethically, morally, and socially responsible business, and we vow to never prioritize profits above integrity.


1980: A Sheepherder

Lewistown, Montana is a small town of approximately 6,000 people. Nestled between five unique mountain ranges, the town is the commerce center for farms and ranches in a 50-mile radius. Tom Spika, founder of Spika Design & Manufacturing, always knew he wanted to be a farmer. By the time he was 19 he had purchased the family farm, located 25 miles outside of Lewistown, from his parents. To supplement his income, he studied metals technology for two years in a town approximately 200 miles away. Back at the farm, he outfitted an old truck with a portable welder and started Spika Welding and Fabrication to provide equipment repair services to his neighbors.

The Original Spika Welding and Fabrication
The Original Spika Welding and Fabrication
1990: The End of an Era

Fast forward ten years. Tom has a wife and three daughters at home, and it is no longer possible to make a living on 1500 acres in Central Montana. Large operators are buying up all the small farms in the area, and advances in technology provide more output with fewer people. The farming way of life is starting to die. Tom takes a job in Lewistown as a stainless steel welder while his wife Carol stays on the farm to continue growing the crops and raising the livestock.

1999: A Daring Adventure

Tom has now risen as high in the company as he can. Montana has a long history of independence and determining one’s own destiny, and Tom is drawn to the idea of once again striking out on his own to create a company based on his unique vision. Tom and Carol decide to mortgage the entire farm to start a new business together, Spika Welding & Manufacturing. The driving mission of the company has nothing to do with product lines or corporate strategy; instead, Spika’s primary goal is to create employment opportunities for the community as jobs in agriculture continue to decline.

2001-2010: Perseverance

The next few years are full of more challenges than you would expect a small company to survive: the shop burns to the ground, new products fail to take hold in the market, the bank warns that it can no longer tolerate the risk of the company, and a protest places a contract worth one-and-a-half years of work on hold for 10 months right after a new facility is built, putting over three million dollars and 20 jobs on the line.

Yet the Spikas and their employees are built of Montana fortitude and grit, and they refuse to give up. In time, the company finds its niche – the design and manufacture of high quality work platforms – and things start to take off. Customers recommend the products to their colleagues, sales grow, and the name Spika starts to mean something – quality, safety, and productivity.


Today, Spika Design & Manufacturing (renamed in 2015) employs over 50 people in Central Montana, providing good wages for them and their families. Products are shipped worldwide, and the company is sought out by the leading OEMs and MRO entities to design and manufacture platforms and ground support equipment for their specialized needs. And it all takes place in the middle of a field in the middle of Montana. It just goes to show what the Montana spirit can achieve when it is allowed to dream.

Doing Business With Us

We value our customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and partners. Spika is committed to a relationship based on the highest standards of ethical conduct and founded on trust, respect, and opportunities for mutual benefit.

All sales orders are governed by Spika Design and Manufacturing's Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Spika operates primarily under the following NAICS code:

332312: Fabricated structural metal manufacturing

We welcome and encourage our business partners to visit us at our headquarters in Central Montana. We are located at 254 Cottonwood Creek Road, Lewistown, MT 59457. Discover what Lewistown has to offer at Hidden Montana.

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