Andrew Porter

Lead Designer

Andrew Porter
Andrew seeks a lesson in every project he designs. His inquisitive nature and problem-solving skills prove useful when challenged with designing his favorite projects, full customized systems developed from the ground up. He prefers large projects because they provide lots of opportunity to connect directly with the customer, garnering their opinions and providing precise solutions with complete transparency.

Formally trained in Architectural Drafting, Andrew progressed to the position of Lead Designer under the guidance of Spika Co-Founder and Director of Design, Tom Spika, who recognized his resourcefulness for delivering innovative designs. A CGI enthusiast, Andrew relaxes by playing first-person shooter squad based video games.

Andrew loves the quiet life afforded by living in the middle of Montana, especially the evenings when everything goes to sleep. Born and raised in Lewistown, he disconnects by caring for his cats and remodeling his house.

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