Anji Heinrichs

Production Foreman

Anji Heinrichs
Anji joined the Spika team in 2012 after her brother-in-law encouraged her to pursue a career in manufacturing. Having little to no experience in the industry before Spika, she began at the ground level working as an assembler. After years of experience mastering the assembly process for the Spika’s varied and complex products, she was promoted to 1st Shift Foreman in 2016. Anji leads her team with a passion for making the best possible product and enthusiasm for doing what’s right.

You can find Anji hiking and camping on the weekends with her daughter (who also wants to work for Spika when she grows up). She loves that she’s learning things at work that can help her in her personal life. She's the proudest mom of her two kids, Shayla and Layne, and and takes a lot of pride in being able to build something from scratch.

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