Anji Heinrichs

Production Supervisor

Anji Heinrichs
Montanans tend to possess a pioneering spirit as evident by sending the first woman to the U.S. Congress four years before women could vote. Anji embodies this trailblazing nature more than most as demonstrated by her advancement from the first woman assembler at Spika Design & Manufacturing to her current role as the first woman Production Supervisor.

Anji draws her strength from the production process itself, transforming raw material into basic forms, framing the structure and then bringing it to life with actuation and accessories. Anji inherited her unwavering work ethic from her mother and it appears this work ethic and Anji’s mechanical aptitude has been passed on to her young daughter, Shayla. Anji regularly brings Shayla to the production floor in the evenings or on the weekends for quality tool time.

When not on the production floor, Anji seeks heights of solitude by hiking with Shayla and her son, Layne, at one of the five mountain island ranges that surround Lewistown, all accessible in less than an hour. For longer nature excursions, Anji takes a couple hours and heads north to Glacier National Park or south to Yellowstone.

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