Bekhi Spika

Director of Marketing

Bekhi Spika
Bekhi officially joined the Spika team in 2014 as the Director of Marketing, but spent most of her young adult years working as an office assistant for the company. A graduate of the University of Montana with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Bekhi utilizes her talents in media and storytelling to market Spika to both clients and potential employees. She has been instrumental in the development of process improvements for product labeling, website redesign, corporate branding, and outreach coordination efforts. In 2015, Bekhi took on the additional role of Safety Officer. A habitual night owl, it's not uncommon to find Bekhi in the office at midnight.

In her spare time, Bekhi enjoys yoga, writing in a personal blog, hot tubbing, playing pool, and occasionally baring her soul to strangers at organized storytelling events. A previous resident of Minnesota, Bekhi loves being a Montana girl and knows she's living in the most beautiful part of the world.

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