Bekhi Spika

Director of Sales & Marketing

Bekhi Spika
Bekhi’s journalistic talent entices customers to truly explore and articulate all aspects of their safety needs. Combined with her tenure as a former Safety Officer, she demystifies OSHA nomenclature to develop the best possible safety systems for clients regardless of industry. Her first-hand experience navigating safety guidelines and in-depth knowledge of Spika’s design capabilities enables her to guide clients through complex systems, communicating clear and precise expectations from design to delivery. The youngest member of the Spika family, her work ethic parallels those of her parents. She remains hands on well beyond the sale, nurturing each project through design to production to delivery and set up.

Bekhi graduated the University of Montana with a degree in journalism. A gifted storyteller and photographer, she loves capturing life at Spika Design & Manufacturing. She refined the company’s corporate lore and branding as the Director of Marketing before advancing to sales full-time. Working in tangent with her sister Katie, the two share a sisterly connection that borders on telepathic. Together they use their combined talents, not only for the company, but in celebration of their hometown community. They launched, a modern website and blog promoting undiscovered, authentic events and activities accessible in Central Montana. Bekhi also serves as a member of the City College Advisory Board for MSU Billings and sits on the local Board of Directors of the Lewistown Art Center.

If you catch Bekhi not at work, she’s writing for her blogs, creating podcasts or relaxing on the family farm while dreaming up the next best story to share about her native Montana.

In her spare time, Bekhi enjoys yoga, writing in a personal blog, hot tubbing, playing pool, and occasionally baring her soul to strangers at organized storytelling events. A previous resident of Minnesota, Bekhi loves being a Montana girl and knows she's living in the most beautiful part of the world.

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