Bill Berg

Project Manager

Bill Berg
Bill joined the Spika team in 2007 as an assembler, but he came to table with extensive experience in industrial electrical and plumbing, as well as HVAC, automotive/transmission repair, and parts sourcing. Bill worked his way through the company, from assembler and welder to Assistant Production Manager, Production Manager, and Quality Control Manager, until 2011 when he began his current role as Project Manager. He is the go-to man for special item sourcing and design improvements for manufacturability, and he can often be found developing involved wiring plans or participating in design reviews to ensure the product meets the specific needs of his customers. Bill takes the quality of Spika products very personally, and he is absolutely committed to ensuring our customers receive the best of what we have to offer. Because of his understanding of customer requirements, he frequently participates in on-site visits to make sure products meet all expectations. Detail-oriented, humble, and adaptive, Bill is truly a pillar of the Spika team.

When he’s not at work, Bill is the model Montanan, spending his time camping, snowmobiling, and hunting. He’s most happy when he’s spending time with his family and his beloved dog Hunter.

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