Carol Spika


Carol Spika
Carol co-founded Spika Design and Manufacturing with her husband Tom. True to the demands of small business development, Carol took on many roles within the company as it grew into a multi-million dollar company – bookkeeper, purchasing manager, marketer, social director, janitor, and various other positions, many at the same time. Today, she maintains an advisory and oversight role, devoting her time to employee satisfaction and engagement. Compassionate and grounded, Carol is known for her care for the whole Spika staff. When Spika was located on the family farm, she would regularly invite employees into her house for a homemade dinner of pot roast and potatoes.

Although Carol has her BS in Sociology from the University of Great Falls and spent half her life working in the health care and social work industries, her true passion lies in running the family farm. She is solely responsible for growing and harvesting crops and raising her flock of over 100 sheep, as well as taking care of goats, potbelly pigs, dogs, cats, and her horses (her family believes she's running a retirement home for old work horses). She’s a true Montanan at heart, with a deep appreciation for wide open spaces, wildlife, clean water and air, no traffic, and the friendly and helpful community. In her free time, Carol loves to garden and bird watch. She is happiest on the farm, taking care of her animals and enjoying the beauty of nature.

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