Jared Robertson

Welding Supervisor

Jared Robertson
Jared recognizes that the signature quality welds showcased on all Spika Design & Manufacturing products are as much of an identifier as the Spika label. He utilizes his training as a former Air Force Mechanic and Certified Assistant Welding Inspector to ensure all joinery is worthy of Spika designation. His natural enthusiasm for mechanizing original designs moving through production for the first time serves him well not only for production efficiencies, but for tackling momentous projects like fabricating the annual Christmas tree for the local Boys & Girls Club.

Since he was six years old, Jared’s restored all sorts of oddities by taking them apart and putting them back together in working order. As his skills grew, the size of his restoration projects grew from small appliances and computers to automobiles and real estate.

Jared spends his free time partaking in traditional outdoor activities. He selfishly wants to preserve Montana’s wide-open spaces for himself and sometimes tries to mislead others into believing Lewistown is too cold to live comfortably.

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