Kent Logan

Production Quality Control Manager

Kent Logan
Kent has been involved in Quality Control since he began working for Spika as a welder in 2012. His steadfast commitment to quality earned him a promotion to Quality Control Manager for a tangential Spika project at the end of 2012, and then to Quality Control Manager for all operations in 2014. Kent conducts a comprehensive pre-delivery inspection of every Spika product to ensure consistent and reliable excellence. He takes great pride in his work and ensures Spika customers only receive a product he’s proud to put his name on.

A native of Nevada, Kent developed his career as a welder in Scottsdale, Arizona and Bozeman, Montana. As Bozeman “got too big for this country boy,” he moved to Central Montana. He loves hunting and fishing and appreciates the courteous and nice people in rural Montana (as well as the fact that there aren’t many people around). On the weekends he enjoys fixing up his home, relaxing in his hot tub, and creating antler art.

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