Tom Spika

Co-Founder | CEO | Director of Design

Tom Spika
Tom’s relentless desire to develop the “next best thing” grew into the defining doctrine of Spika Design & Manufacturing. As evidenced by the innumerable advancements accredited to Spika as setting the new standard in the industry. Tom’s quest for the next best thing begins with identifying a project’s underlying needs. Tom and his design team take great care in understanding all challenges facing a client, from accessibility and mobility, to performance and versatility, even maintenance and storage.

Before founding Spika Design & Manufacturing, Tom’s pioneering spirit led him to eventually leave behind the traditional commodities of ranching and farming for a full-time career as a professional welder and machinist at a local shop where he rose to Production Manager. Witnessing the diminishing opportunities for many fellow Montanans, Tom and his wife, Carol, envisioned a better life for their neighbors. In 2001, they mortgaged the family farm and opened Spika Design & Manufacturing. Their vision proved true as today, Spika is one of the largest employers in the county.

An alumnus of the Metals Technology program at Montana State University-Northern, Tom was nominated as one of Montana’s Most Influential Businessmen. He continues to support his community through service as a charter member of the Central Montana Manufacturing Alliance and the Montana High Tech Business Alliance. He’s the former chair of the Montana Manufacturing Association, a former member of the Montana Chamber of Commerce and the Lewistown Chamber of Commerce. In his free time, Tom enjoys working on his hot rods and riding his motorcycle.

Tom’s conviction for finding the next best thing is best illustrated with a quote attributed to Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, which hangs in a place of prominence on the production floor, “The most dangerous phrase in the language is – We’ve always done it this way.”

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