Eliminate Fall Risks – Don’t Manage Them

Eliminating fall risk is the safety measure preferred by OSHA as well as users and can only be accomplished with engineered fall prevention equipment. Other lines of defense do not prevent falls, but rather manage the risk through administrative training and policies or personal protective equipment which requires continuous supervision, training, and maintenance.

Save Time & Labor

Resistance to safety compliance decreases when it is easy to set up and easy to use, allowing one to work intuitively and unrestrained. Eliminating gaps in protection for 100% fall prevention improves confidence while working. Reducing physical and operational obstacles while providing a safe and secure work environment improves efficiency.

Failure is Not an Option

For true fall protection that does not fail, it must provide access as well as protect otherwise any improvisation leads to fall hazards and exposure to regulatory non-compliance. While there are many options for fall protection, the best investment begins with the perfect access solution.

#1 Referral – Users & Observers

Spika Design & Manufacturing provides the best access solutions in the industry backed by over a decade of expertise in engineered fall prevention. Spika’s industry-changing designs come with a 10-year warranty*, the longest warranty in the industry, and a commitment to 100% user satisfaction regarding the equipment’s performance in the field. When failure is not an option, Spika is your only option.