Access anything, anywhere

We specialize in helping you tackle exceptionally tough challenges for upper-level access and tooling.

Two men working on electrical components inside a workshop with large bright yellow Spika work platform in the background
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We partner with innovators to position them to build - and maintain - the future.


Our tooling systems help aerospace companies—from manufacturing through maintenance—push the final frontier.


We’ve been an access partner to aviation OEMs and maintainers for over 20 years with our industry-leading customized tooling and maintenance stands.


Solutions for those who serve. In two decades of working with the defense industry, we’ve supplied access equipment for every branch of the U.S. military, defense contractors, and partners abroad.

Mass Transit

Spika's customizable support equipment provides safe, lanyard-free access for mass transit manufacturing lines and maintenance facilities.

Data Centers

Replace unsafe ladders with ergonomic, mobile Spika stands designed to fit within narrow aisleways and provide upper-level access to busways during cable laying and maintenance.


From manufacturing lines for engines, roller coasters, dog food, and turbines, to performing maintenance on cranes, nuclear waste casks, and RVs - we can help with anything that requires safe and ergonomic access at heights.

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