Commercial Models (COTS)

Spika's series of commercial off-the-shelf platforms provide innovators seamless access for everything from manufacturing to maintenance. Designed for specific use cases, our commercial models are lightweight, easily maneuverable, adjustable, and durable. Each platform is OSHA-compliant and designed with painstaking attention to detail, providing unmatched convenience and safety. Many of the models in the series are listed on our GSA Schedule Contract.

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With two decades of experience working with the industries we serve, our team can help you select and implement the perfect COTs platform for your needs.

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Aircraft Maintenance

Spika’s maintenance stands have been providing reliable access to multiple rotor- and fixed-wing aircraft around the globe for over 20 years. With mobilized modular platforms and adjustable decks, these sytems provide gap-free access to the aircraft while adapting to each facility’s unique space constraints.

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Mass Transit

The elevation of electric vehicles in mass transit also elevated the requirements for upper-level rooftop access for vehicle maintenance. OSHA-compliant fall protection work platforms provide wraparound access to the rooftops of electric vehicles for HVAC and battery maintenance without the requirement of lanyards. 

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Data Centers

Put safety at the forefront with this semi-prone access system designed specifically for navigating aisles and accessing overhead grids typical of data halls in tight spaces. Height adjustability and a semi-prone extension ensure ergonomic and stable access to special busways that cannot be safely accessed otherwise.

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