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We’re driven by innovation. From lanyard-free access systems for electric bus rooftop maintenance to height adjustable monorail maintenance stands, Spika stands put to the pedal to the metal on safety, productivity, and innovation.

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Our access solutions are designed to interface seamlessly with the contours of equipment and adjust to provide access to multiple upper-level task points. That’s why they’re trusted by companies that build and maintain a wide variety of transportation equipment, including electric buses, trailers, RVs, railway and monorail transportation, automobiles, and more.

i featured projects

Our access solutions are designed to interface seamlessly with the contours of equipment and adjust to provide access to multiple upper-level task points. That’s why they’re trusted by companies that build and maintain a wide variety of transportation equipment, including electric buses, trailers, RVs, railway and monorail transportation, automobiles, and more.

Work Platforms for Electric Bus Roof Access

Maintenance Platforms for Electric Buses with Limited Space

Work Platforms for Electric Bus Manufacturing

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i The spika difference

  • Spika’s mobile safety platforms are for the hardest to reach places in machine and vehicle manufacturing, testing, and maintenance.
  • Comprehensive access is facilitated through synchronous height adjustability, contour conformance, extreme overreach, and removable or reconfigurable subassemblies to ensure gap-free access through manufacturing, integration, and testing of space hardware.
  • Lightweight, mobile structures with light subassemblies support the rapid assembly and positioning of support equipment of any size.
  • Automation of height, extension, and interface can be incorporated into any platform or positioning system to ensure user-friendly access without the risk of human error.
  • Safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, safety monitoring systems such as sensors, and warning alarms contribute to a safe work environment. Additionally, controls and safety systems can directly integrate into the facility system controls, to include position feedback and monitoring, maintenance mode lockout, and the prevention of deck extension slider adjustments at specific platform heights.
  • We are experienced with meeting the most rigorous and unique environmental requirements with special coatings, FOD- and ESD- controlled components, and engineering to support greater loads and withstand stresses of harsh environments.
  • Task-support tools such as vacuum plumbing, data hookups, air and electric hookups, and lighting can be added to any positioning system.
  • Extensive analysis, design reviews, project management, inspections, testing, and other objective quality elements (OEQEs) are available for all projects.
  • Additional custom-engineered support equipment for lifting, transporting, or positioning can be added to any work platform system.


The ZEvolve access system is the only system designed to evolve with a transit agency as it transitions to a zero-emission fleet.

The ZEvolve access system is for evolving fleets with evolving needs. A modular design and height adjustability allow Spika’s stands to adapt to multiple bus sizes as well as unique facility space constraints. This also ensures that they provide gap-free and trip-free access to the bus rooftop without the need for ladders or fall arrest systems.

The electric bus wraparound system was designed in partnership with an electric bus manufacturer, and this intel, combined with Spika’s experience with designing access systems for the aerospace industry, resulted in the ZEvolve access system to provide safe to the bus rooftop during HVAC and battery maintenance.

  • The system can change shape and adapt to the space around the maintenance station as the facility space is modified or evolves with its modular design that allows for multiple connection points of the staircase to the deck.
  • The decks are situated directly at bus roof level regardless of bus height differences with height adjustability controlled at ground level to completely eliminate trip hazards.
  • Spika stands can include an additional guardrail to provide fall protection to multiple sizes of bus from just one stand.
  • The stand can also be split into separate modules to provide two half-bus access stands or spot access with the independent staircase.
  • This modular design can be broken down into deck and stair components for condensed storage.
  • The modular design with special industrial dual-disc casters promote easy movement in any direction to make it easy to move the system in and out to position around the buses.
  • The deck modules are designed with a built-in cantilever covered by a foam padding so the maintenance stands can be pushed right up against the bus without having to deploy additional decks.
  • The maintenance stands are designed from best practices established in the aerospace industry and are designed and manufactured in a facility with a certified aerospace-level quality management program.

Spika’s engineering staff has years of experience in designing platforms for electric bus maintenance. Learn more about how we do things The Spika Way.

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i Partnering with Manufacturing Line Integrators

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i what our clients have to say

"Spika can make a complicated custom application that meets the need, and if it doesn’t work, they change it the next day and do a prototype of the development. It helps to get you quickly narrowed in to the right solution... Spika’s design team was just like an extension of my design team.... From initial proposal to design to production, I feel like Spika is a big team player making us successful for our customer."

Jimmi Malacara

Mechanical Ground Support Equipment Lead at Lockhead Martin Space Systems Company

"We consider Spika to be a partner with KUKA. The Spika design team has been great - they’re flexible and accommodated to all change requests we made throughout the process. Spika platforms are quality, clean, and well put together."

Rick Zaitonia

KUKA Systems Aerospace Group

“Customer support has been outstanding. Spika jumps at the opportunity to provide better designed solutions and to accommodate changes without adjusting price. Communication is always excellent and the team is able to work out specific issues and is very transparent on costing and timing.”


Michigan, Automotive Manufacturing

"From my end you guys were fantastic to work with. From the first phone calls with you and your team. You provide excellent customer service which is something I really look for when purchasing anything. You were adaptable and flexible, knowledgeable and technical. I really appreciate your continued efforts to ensure we have everything we need."


California, Aerospace Manufacturing

"Excellent customer service! Provided expert on-site service when issues found due to transport. Very timely and effective correction."



"I have been in helicopter maintenance for the past 35 years. Your stands are superior to everything I've ever worked with since day one! Keep it up!"



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