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Spika’s base and commercial models are innovative, field-tested designs that increase safety, reduce labor costs, and are customizable to help you overcome any access challenge. If you are looking for an industry-specific model, our commercial models have you covered. Our base models provide a starting point for virtually any access solution.

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i Features of all spika models

With options for height adjustability, contour conformance, cantilevered access, and onboard utilities, our versatile access solutions help you get the job done safely and efficiently.

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i Spika functionalities

Every access requirement is unique. Our team will work with you to choose the best standardized design for your needs and then customize each of its features to deliver you your personalized solution.

Deck Depth

Typical deck depths (excluding any adjustable cantilever) are 36” but can be larger or smaller if needed.

Deck Length

Deck lengths vary depending on the situation. A general rule of thumb is 36” of length per person for a comfortable working surface.

 Height Adjustability

Modify any stand with 12”–36” of vertical travel. Height adjustability can be manual from the ground level via acme jacks or powered at deck or ground level. Standard deck heights start at 60”. Minimum and maximum height must be defined.

Guardrail Configuration

Guardrails can be attached on any side to provide OSHA-compliant fall protection. Tool-free attachment styles are available. Vertically telescopic guardrails that lower from 42” down to 28” may be substituted anywhere to accommodate obstacles or protrusions at waist height. Horizontally telescopic guardrails can be designed to close off any sections that have obstructions requiring a guardrail to be removed.

Safety Gates

Self-closing safety gates are included at any ladder opening and can be added to staircase openings or other areas where personnel or part access is required.

Equipment Crossover Access

Is access overtop the equipment required? Any model can provide crossover access by connecting one stand on either side of the tool with crossover rails that extend overtop the equipment.

Overreach and Contour Conformance

For equipment that requires overreach or special contour conformance, deck extension sliders can provide nearly gap-free conformance to the equipment in any configuration. Each 6" wide x 24" long aluminum plank extends independently and locks in place automatically when load is applied. Additional locking mechanisms may be included for added security while in use. Automation of the slider deck can be incorporated to custom access projects.

Positions of Access

If tasks performed on the platform require standing, sitting, or kneeling (prone or semi-prone positions are available in our customized designs), we’ll create the proper decking to match the positioning requirement. 

Environment of Access

Will the stand be used in a dusty, wet, oily, or restricted environment that requires special compliance? If so, we’ll build it to the required specifications.

 Load Rating

Most decks are designed to accommodate up to 1000 lbs.(or three people and their tools). All decks are designed to support 4x the rated load.


Our platforms are designed to meet the rigorous safety and compliance standards for each of their use cases. Let us know what your compliance requirements are and we’ll design the right platform for you.

Additional Upgrades
  • Electric height adjustability
  • Motion and placement sensors
  • Independently usable staircase
  • Easily removable, camlock attached guardrails
  • Vertically telescopic guardrails
  • Horizontally telescopic guardrails
  • Onboard air hookups
  • Onboard electric hookups
  • Onboard data ports
  • Onboard vacuum hookups
  • Hose reels
  • On-deck lighting
  • Under-deck lighting
  • Ergonomic deck matting
  • Full system powder coat
  • Custom powder coat color
  • Caster skirts
  • Leveling jacks
  • Floor locks
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Tool/laptop trays (18"x24")
  • Storage cabinets
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i Explore spika models

By blending curiosity, agility, and proven processes, we’ve made our name solving access and tooling challenges that have rigorous and complex requirements.

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Base Models

Spika’s series of base models consists of designs provide complete fall protection for any shape or size of equipment. Contour conformance, height adjustability, and reconfigurability solve access issues for a wide array of tasks. Each design includes customizable features to ensure you get the perfect platform for your requirements.

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Commercial Models

Spika’s series of commercial models solve the toughest access challenges in aviation, transportation, and data center access and maintenance. These platforms deliver safety and performance unmatched in the industry. 

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Custom Designs

Attention to detail, providing unmatched convenience and safety. Many of the models in the series are listed on our GSA Schedule Contract. We love the challenge of creating custom access solutions. By blending curiosity and experience, we’re able to design platforms for any access challenge you can throw at us.

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