The Spika Story

From a family farm to an internationally recognized company, we’ve stayed true to our values and roots since day one.

Spika family stands on a yellow staircase and is an older man with a grey suit coat, white beard and glasses stands behind older woman with blonde hair, a black and white shirt who stands next to a younger blonde woman with a black turtle neck shirt and on the bottom of the stairs stands another young woman with brown hair and black shirt. Toolboxes can be seen in the workshop behind them
Older grainy photo with Tom Spika leaning against an old white truck with 'Spika Welding & Fabrication' decal on the door. He is wearing wide leg dark blue jeans, a blue button up shirt, a denim jacket with pockets on the front and a bright red newsboy cap with a thick brown beard and glasses. A black and white dog stands in front of him

i the early years

In 1981, Tom Spika took over the family ranch outside of Kolin, MT and started a mobile welding business to supplement his income. Tom eventually took a full-time welding job in Lewistown, MT, before starting Montana Aviary Company with his wife Carol in 1999. In 2001, Montana Aviary Company became Spika Welding & Manufacturing when the Spikas had an opportunity to design and manufacture aluminum maintenance stands for military helicopters.

i Key events in the Spika story

A ton has happened since our founding—more than we can list here. Below are our greatest hits to date.


Old grainy photo with a white truck with red wheels parked in front of a brick building with one window and a chimney.

Tom and Carol Spika start Montana Aviary Company in the tiny brick shop on the ranch. Shortly thereafter, the building caught fire and burnt to the ground. That tragedy required the Spikas to build a new, much larger shop, which ultimately allowed the rest of the story to happen.


Two men working in a workshop building platform structures from metal. Completed staircases and platforms rim the walls behind them.

Montana Aviary Company became Spika Welding and Manufacturing after winning a contract to make aluminum maintenance stands for the US military.


Large metal workshop with lights on inside and outside with bright pink sunset in the background

Spika was awarded a $3.3 million dollar contract by the National Guard, and opened a new state-of-the-art facility in Lewistown, MT. Employees and truck drivers rejoiced as they no longer had to drive down steep, slippery gravel roads in the middle of winter to get to the ranch.


Eight Spika employees stand on a Spika work platform bridge above a military plane with stairs going down on the left.

Spika was recognized as Montana Manufacturer of the Year in 2012, and followed up with Montana Exporter of the Year and Montana Family Business of the Year in 2013.


Large black sign in landscaping and grass that says 'Spika' on it with an address.

Spika expands its facility to accommodate its growing staff and products.


Blonde young woman with blue eyes, smiling with head tilted to the right against another young woman's head with brown hair and a big smile with grass in the background.

Spika transitions to the next generation, with daughters Bekhi and Katie taking over from their parents.


Dirty hands type on a large keypad with numbers and arrows on it with a lit up screen.

Spika was certified to AS9100, an international quality management system.


Bright yellow platform pieces hang drying from hooks on a large metal apparatus with wheels in a large, dark rectangular room.

Spika expands its facility to add a powder coat space for 24/7 painting capacity. 


Young woman with brown hard and glasses on the left smiles while wearing a blue shirt and blue lanyard with a blonde young woman on the right, smiling and wearing a grey shirt with a matching blue lanyard.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) awards Spika with the Women-Owned Small Business certification.


Spika rebrands the company with a new logo.

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