Who We Are

Access platforms are what we make, but our true purpose is to empower people to enjoy the challenge of creating something great.

Man with scruffy beard, safety glasses, a hat and Spika shirt holds a screw driver in one hand and drill with a large bit in the other, screwing together fittings on a bright yellow platform structure.
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We work every day to solve your toughest access challenges by creating customized, elegant solutions. Why? So that you can continue to do the work that puts you at the forefront of your industry. 

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i vision

Helping you enjoy the challenge of creating something great is what brings us to work every day. That’s why our vision is to partner with innovators to position them to build the future. 

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We’re a family-owned company that’s built itself on Montana values. These values are what drive us to create solutions for the most innovative companies on Earth.

  • Lean In: We thrive on challenge and accept discomfort, knowing that the result is worth it. We love doing the exceptional.
  • Own It: We put the best of ourselves into what we do, and we uphold our commitments.
  • Make It Better: We never stop improving - our products, processes, people, and plans.
  • Be Great Together: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We can achieve extraordinary things when we work together.
  • Build Our Community: Our employees, customers, suppliers, and the community are better off because we exist.
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We believe in the community impact and quality control of manufacturing products in the USA. That's why our team designs and builds every aspect of our platforms in our facility in Lewistown, Montana. We take pride in what we do and go above and beyond to ensure your Spika system gets the job done.

Young man with blue safety glasses, a grey hat and a grey shirt holding the ends of two cords together
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i spirit of INNOVATION

We say yes to projects when everyone else says no. With thousands of designs under our belt since 2001, we are able to cross-pollinate best practices for smart and safe access between industries and applications. With automated features such as multi-stage height adjustability, sensor-guided adjustable decks, multi-axis positioning, and integration with facility systems controls, our systems are constantly evolving to make sure we're giving you the most modern access system on the market.

Large project being prepped on a bright yellow spika platform with 11 people in full protective gear
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52 people of the Spika team standing in 4 rows on different heights of Spika work platforms all with Spika shirts and hats smiling at the camera.
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We’re a place where talented, hard-working men and women have the freedom to create and grow with the support of people who care about them. Ultimately, we strive to be a company that supports our community, inspires the people who work here, and provides us all a sense of accomplishment and pride at the end of the day. Spika is a part of the Small Giants Community, a group of businesses who believe in purpose-driven leadership, positive cultures, and genuinely caring about their teams.

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i Our Goal

Our Goal at Spika is to create:

  • An environment where talented people can come do really good work, and combine it with the really good work of other people, to make something great.
  • An environment where people are trusted to act like owners, use good judgment, and make good decisions. An environment of freedom and responsibility.
  • An environment where results are defined rather than tasks dictated.
  • An environment where there are always new challenges and opportunities for growth. 
  • An environment where you can create.
  • An environment that lets you leave at the end of the day and feel that you did something meaningful.
Bearded man with safety glasses in spika hat and shirt using a hex tool on a piece of scaffolding

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