AH-64 Apache Daily Maintenance Stand



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Spika’s AH-64 daily check stand provides access to the main rotor head for routine maintenance and checks on the Apache. The AH-64 check stand also allows access to the engines as well as the tail rotor of the aircraft. The stand allows users to interface with the aircraft and deploy the sliders to close any gaps due to the contour of the helicopter. The reconfigurable stair allows for multiple stair orientations as well as entry points to the platform. One configuration allows users to orient the stair alongside the fuselage and utilize the stub wings as a transfer point from stair to platform, and extendable rails provide fall protection when on the stub wing. This system is manually height adjustable from ground level. The AH-64 check stand can be fitted with air/electric hookups, vertically telescopic handrails, tool trays, and overhead/below deck lighting.

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