Adjustable or Fixed Height • Reconfigurable Guardrails • Deck Extension • Cantilever • Overreach • Conformity • Linkable • Wrap Around • Mobility • Staircase

The versatility and overreach capabilities of the Valor Series eliminates gaps in protection for 100% fall prevention, as preferred by OSHA. The deck extensions conform seamlessly to any article. Customized adjustable guardrails extend fall protection up to, or over, the article being accessed as well as lower to accommodate obstacles without losing protection. From manufacturing to maintenance, the platform’s easy setup and intuitive design appeal to users for improved safety compliance. Accessories and linked platform modules incorporating the Valor Series shown below.

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Customizable OSHA compliant aluminum mobile work platforms with decks shaped to conformance and deck extensions for added overreach.Modify Deck Shape

Customize the deck width, depth or even shape. Add built-in features specific to the job at hand.

OSHA compliant mobile aluminum work platforms with linking capabilities and cantilever deck extensions to create a complete wrap around system for maintenance and 100% fall protection.Link Platforms to Create System

Create one large continuous work surface or a complete wraparound system for simultaneous access on both sides. Add crossover rails to provide complete fall protection from side to side.

Customizable OSHA compliant portable aluminum work stand with height adjustable ladders, deck extensions for overreach and laptop tool trays for improved ergonomics.Customize with Stowaway Ladder

Replace staircase with a stowaway ladder. Multiple ladder attachment points allow for placement depending on footprint restrictions or access point.

Learn More About Customization

Modify one of Spika’s All Access Work Platform Series as a starting point
or visit with a sales associate to design a completely custom system tailored to your needs.

• All Aluminum Welding – Compliant with AWS D1.2 Standards

• Clean Room Compliance – Multiple Classes

• Class I Division I Compliance

• Powder Coating

• MIL-DTL-5541 Chem Coating (supplied by a subcontractor)

• Type I, Type II, Class 1A, and Class 3 Design and Engineering Capabilities

• Solid Modeling – SolidWorks

• FEA Stress Analysis – SolidWorks

• ASCE 7 Compliant Analysis (seismic, wind, rain, snow, impact, etc. as required)

• PMBOK Compliant Project Management Processes – Microsoft Project Scheduling


• MIL-STD-882E Compliant Risk Analysis

• PE License – MT, WA, ID, TX, WY, AL

OSHA compliant custom, detachable powder coat guardrails for 4-side fall protection or 3-side fall protection that allows access to equipment.

Prevent Falls

• Prevent falls and avoid noncompliance with Spika’s adjustable guardrails that automatically extend with deck extension sliders.

• Significantly reduce fall risk and FOD with Spika’s Quick- Latch stair modules that easily attach and release from the safety of the ground without tools or pins.

• Maintain OSHA compliance at any height with Spika’s adjustable stair modules that maintain consistent step distance at any height, significantly reducing trip potential.

• Work assuredly with self-closing safety gates.

OSHA compliant, mobile aluminum work platforms with cantilever deck extensions that are nearly flush with the deck surface for reduced trip hazard and 100% fall protection and conformance.

Eliminate Gaps

• Eliminate gaps in access with Spika’s automatic locking slider decks that extend individually to provide seamless conformance to any contour.

• Trip hazard greatly reduced with the nearly flush transition from deck to slider deck surface.

• 100% fall prevention achieved with work platforms customized to your needs for optimum access and conformance.

OSHA complaint height adjustable aluminum stair quickly latches and detaches to a deck from the safety of the ground.

Reduce Labor

• Only requires one or two people to move due to the lightweight aluminum structure on industrial 8-inch dual disc casters that do not skid, require 35% less force to initiate movement, lock quickly and securely once in place.

• Reduce labor by half while raising and lowering platform via Spika’s linked jacks.

• Easily remove guardrails for reconfiguration without using tools, rails conveniently self-store on deck.

• Stairs quickly attach and detach.

• Virtually maintenance-free, occasional inspections recommended.

OSHA compliant portable aluminum work stands with manual or electric height adjustability.

Reduce Costs

• Intuitive design and simplicity of use ensure employee safety compliance, no PPE requirements.

• Lifetime warrantied bushings inside telescopic leg assemblies provide safe, smooth, controlled high-capacity operation for ease of use.

• Attain unobstructed, ground level access to equipment underneath platforms with Spika’s clear-span design.

• 100% troubleshooting support and customer satisfaction.

OSHA compliant mobile work platforms with adjustable guardrails and link bars to join multiple decks to create wrap around conformance specific to the article being accessed.

Prevent Loss

• Prevent damage to equipment and potential for worker head injuries with mechanically attached bumpers and under-deck foam.

• Platforms tested to 4X the maximum intended load.

• Spika’s guardrails, both rigid and camlocked, withstand 200 lbs. of side force.

• No possibility of back driving with Spika’s in-house manufactured acme thread screw actuators.

• Automatic locking mechanism for Thinline extension deck sliders provides up to 270 lbs. of holding force.

• 4-inch toe boards prevent tools from falling on the article or personnel.

OSHA compliant aluminum mobile work platforms with multiple options for deck surfaces for improved traction and ergonomics while working in a kneeling or prone position.

Increase Productivity

• Improve task performance and technician comfort with efficiency and ergonomic upgrades.

• No slip, no bounce, no sway for confidence while working.

• Sure-footed traction provided by Spika’s extruded plank deck allows users to lay or kneel comfortably while working.

• Easily reconfigured and flexible footprint as stairs reposition to attach perpendicular or parallel to the platform.

OSHA compliant aluminum work stand with electric height controls for raising and lowering the deck as needed.

Electric Actuation

Upgrade from manual to electric actuation. Supplied via a 12V battery or 110V power cord, or any other voltage requested. Spika’s synchronized actuators ensure uneven loads raise and lower at the same rate.

OSHA compliant aluminum work stand with adjustable guardrails that extend and lower vertically and horizontally while maintaining 100% fall protection.

Telescopic Handrails

Vertically adjustable handrails lower to 28″ to accommodate overhead interferences without being removed, while horizontally adjustable rails extend to cover gaps.

Laptop and tool trays for OSHA compliant mobile aluminum work platforms available in rust-resistant full powder coat.

Tool/Laptop Trays

Rail mounted, removable trays for working at a comfortable level where needed and fold away when not needed, standard 9″ x 36″ or customized to specifications.

OSHA complaint mobile aluminum work stands with ergonomic upgrades including on-deck storage and deck matting for comfort while working.

Integrated Cabinets and Drawers

Maximize storage with standard or locking cabinets integrated into the platform.

On-deck electric and air supplies on OSHA compliant portable work stands.

Air and Electric Supply

Connect air tools and electrical equipment directly to the onboard utility supply. Optional retractable reels eliminate excess hose and potential trip hazards.

OSHA complaint mobile aluminum work platforms with integrated lighting above or below deck.

Integrated Task Lighting

Task lighting wired directly to the deck for working underneath or pole mounted above the deck for overall illumination.

OSHA complaint mobile work stands with added stability from optional counter-weights or floor jacks.

Stabilizing Options

Add additional stabilizing features with upgrades like floor leveling jacks (shown), floor locks, electric lifting columns or fixtures for attaching the platform to the article being accessed.

OSHA compliant portable aluminum work platforms with pneumatic locking deck extension sliders.

Pneumatic Locks

If preferred, deck extension sliders can be upgraded with a pneumatic locking feature for ease of configuration.

Custom OSHA compliant portable work platform with protective foam and toe boards for 100% protection for employees and equipment.

Deck Extension Toeboards

Add 4″ toeboards to deck extension sliders to prevent tools from falling, preventing damage to equipment or possible injury.

OSHA compliant mobile aluminum work platforms with ergonomic deck mats to reduce technician fatigue.

Anti-Fatigue Deck Mat

Increase the comfort by adding an anti-fatigue mat to the deck.

OSHA compliant, custom mobile aluminum work platforms with electric height adjustability.

Safety Lockout Indicator Lights

Determine if sliders are locked, sliders are fully retracted, flip-decks are up, or other conditions critical to the safe operation of the platform are met by building lockouts into the control system.

OSHA complaint electric height adjustable aluminum work stand with stair in full powder coat for rust-resistance.

Full Powder Coat or Custom Color

Durable UV protected powder coating from top to bottom is available, including custom colors to match your facility.

Outdoor Utilities

Upgrade all onboard utilities for use or storage outdoors.

Clean Room Compliant

Platforms can be customized to meet clean room restrictions.

Electric Static Discharge (ESD)

Platforms can be customized to offset electric static discharge.

Explosion Proof

Platforms can be customized to meet environmental restrictions to prevent explosions.

Vacuum Chamber

Platforms can be customized to meet vacuum chamber restrictions.

Alternative Deck Surfaces

Upgrade to self-draining deck tread, ideal for platforms used outdoors, in blasting areas, or in operations utilizing water, oil, or other liquids.

We make sure you’re happy with your purchase. Don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do for you.
– Tom Spika, Founder of Spika Design & Manufacturing

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