Commercial Jet Fuel Wing Stands



A client required new fuel wing stands for their long-range commercial jets. They selected Spika to design and build work platforms with tremendous height adjustability in a minimized footprint.

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Client Need:

Spika's client issued a design/build RFP for Fuel Wing Stands to be used during the process of refueling and fuel operation testing of a new aircraft and its predecessor. The height of the jet’s fueling inlets, as well as the difficulty of moving the client’s existing fueling stands, rendered their current stands obsolete.


Spika personnel visited the client’s facility and met with the fueling operators. They identified problems with the existing fueling stands and well as desired improvements to the new stands. All of their requirements and operational needs were incorporated into the new custom design.

Spika constructed the platform of aluminum with stainless steel hardware, suitable for the outdoor environment. They utilized an air-powered, synchronous hydraulic actuation system to achieve tremendous height adjustability in a minimized footprint. Large, semi-pneumatic casters supported easy towing over all types of terrain found on the flightline. The work platform included additional equipment to ensure worker efficiency, including toolboxes and hose storage systems.

Technical Information:

  • A minimized total footprint
  • Fast and simple height adjustability
  • Hydraulic actuation
  • Class I Division 1 compliance (explosion-proof)
  • A mounted swivel arm to support and position the hose
  • The ability to support three personnel during operation
  • The ability to operate in an outdoor, marine environment
  • The ability to be towed by a tug or transported via forklift.
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