Customized Work Platform for CNC Machine Access



Spika’s client required a customized work platform to access their CNC machine. The resulting system incorporated customized adjustable components to provide OSHA-compliant access to all parts of the machine during use.

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Client Need:

Spika’s client performs the design and production of combat vehicles for militaries around the world. They identified the need for a customized work platform system around their CNC machine.

The platform had to operate in a harsh environment laden with shavings and fluid and provide a perfect interface with the contoured machine. But the most challenging requirement was driven by the need to keep the platform system in place as a permanent work surface around the machine. Because of this, the platform required reconfigurable components to ensure machine table clearance during rotation, and trap doors were needed to allow maintenance tasks underneath the working surface.


The client had had several successful projects with Spika in the past, so they reached out to the company to tackle this new challenge. Spika was provided with a CAD model of the environment and began to work closely with the client through several design revisions to develop a tailor-made solution for their exacting specifications.

The resulting system incorporated customized adjustable components to provide OSHA-compliant access to all parts of the machine during use.

Technical Information:

  • Pneumatically actuated, fold-down handrail were provided in critical areas in order to allow a clear path for the mill table to travel while the machine was running. This allowed the platform system to stay in place at all times.
  • Hinged access panels in the deck surface allowed personnel access to critical machine components below the platform without the need to remove the platforms from the area.
  • Three decks linked together to provide full wrap around access to the machine for a 35’ x 19’ working surface.
  • Each deck had a 1000 lb. load rating.
  • A serrated, slip-resistant walking surface eliminated fall hazards from the machine fluids sprayed all over the platform.
  • Skirting from deck to ground prevented users from encountering components beneath the machine while in use.
  • Adjustable swivel feet provided leveling on a sloped floor.
  • Self-closing safety gates on the three stair modules protected against accidental falls.
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