Maintenance Stand for the MH-60T Helicopter



The United States Coast Guard required work platforms to conduct maintenance on their new MH-60T helicopters. Spika designed a set of maintenance stands to provide access to the fuselage and tail while accommodating the space limitations at the facility.

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Client Need:

The United States Coast Guard required work platforms to safely and efficiently conduct maintenance activities on their new MH-60T helicopters. Current options on the market were too heavy, prone to rust, difficult to move, and not adjustable, making maintenance processes not just difficult but hazardous.


The USCG desired one platform for complete fuselage access, including the main rotor head, and a second for tail access. The designs needed to provide safe and ergonomic access while also conforming to space limitations, both while in use and in storage.

The USCG and Spika partnered on developing a design specific to the US Coast Guard’s needs for over a year. The resulting products provide fuselage access for both the left and right side of the aircraft, as well as 360-degree access to the tail.

Technical Information:

  • Lightweight aluminum to ensure easy mobility of each module by just one to two people
  • Toolless removable rails capable of telescoping down to accommodate blade droop
  • Independent slider deck extensions for conformance to the MH-60T’s contours in different configurations
  • Manual jacks at ground level for full-system height adjustability and precise positioning for upper-level access
  • Folding rails on the stairs to allow the stair module to store underneath the fuselage platform
  • Modules that detach from each other for further compressed storage configurations
  • Air and electric hookups and under-deck lighting

Learn more about the MH-60T Fuselage Stand and MH-60T Tail Maintenance Stand.

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