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Where are Spika products made?

All manufacturing is performed at our factory in Lewistown, Montana.

Where do the parts and materials come from?

Spika uses American-made parts whenever possible.

What is the standard warranty for Spika products?

Phase-level work platform systems typically come with a five year warranty. Smaller platforms and products range from one to three years.

Where can I get the user's manual or assembly instructions for my product?

Assembly instructions, safety guidelines, a user guide, and a parts manual are all included in the user's manual that came with your product. Contact us via e-mail or phone (888-915-5678) to receive an additional copy of your user's manual.

Maintenance Stands and Work Platforms
What maintenance is required for Spika work platforms?

Our work stands require little to no maintenance. Typically, all that is necessary is an inspection for loose or damaged parts or debris wrapped around the casters. Check your users manual for complete information.

Are these platforms hard to move or position?
No, not at all. Because they are built out of aircraft-grade aluminum, they are far lighter than steel platforms. Spika uses specially designed casters that require as much as 35% less force to initiate stand movement, which makes a big difference. Standard modules can be easily moved and positioned by two people.
How much weight are the platforms designed to support?

Working load ratings can vary depending on the customer's requirements. Typical deck modules are designed to 800 lbs (363 kg) working load ratings, which is usually more than adequate for most applications. Per OSHA requirements, Spika engineers and load tests all designs to support 4x the working load rating without failing, equaling 3200 lbs (1450 kg) for a stand rated at an 800 pound working load.

Are Spika products OSHA compliant?

Yes, all Spika products are fully compliant with OSHA standards or the relevant standards of the destination country. In addition, every Spika work platform includes a Certificate of Load Test in the users manual, confirming the platform has been tested to four times the certified load rating.

Does Spika offer any accessories for their platforms?

We sure do! Check out our Platform Options page for more information.

We broke a part on our stand. Can we get a replacement from you?

Yes, Spika handles all replacement parts for our products. Whether it is a simple caster brake that was damaged or a safety rail that was run over with a forklift, we can get you up and running very quickly.

Will you install my maintenance stand and train in proper usage?

Yes, we are able to provide on-site installation and training. Most of our systems are easily assembled by your own technicians. However, for larger systems or orders, you may find it beneficial to have a team come from Spika to complete the installation. Contact us for more information.

How do I start doing business with Spika?

You can learn about doing business with us here.

How can I obtain a price quote?

You can request a quote directly from one of our product pages. You can also call us (888-915-5678) or send us a message.

What is the lead time on Spika products?

Spika typically quotes a 45 day lead time. This lead time is workload, request, and product dependent.

Will I be able to obtain CAD drawings of my Spika product?
CAD drawings can be provided to customers or potential customers if required for fit-up evaluation. All drawings are proprietary and confidential.
Are Spika products sold direct or through a retailer/distributor?

Spika products may be purchased directly from our factory, off our GSA Schedule (GS-07F-0086U), or, for international customers, through our local distributors. You may also be able to purchase our products through your ServMart.

Does Spika sell to foreign countries?

Yes! Spika has sold and shipped platforms to countries all around the world. Check with us - we may have a Spika representative in your country.

Where can I get an application to work at Spika?

Visit our Join Us page for more information about working at Spika and to submit an application.

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