Stop Improvising and Start Innovating

As preferred by OSHA, engineered fall protection eliminates fall risks rather than relying on increased administration and training to manage risks. Spika’s customization process creates perfect access solutions with 100% fall prevention, thereby enabling technicians to readily perform necessary tasks instead of spending time and labor mitigating fall risks. Stop improvising and start innovating with access solutions tailored to your goals. Spika Design & Manufacturing provides the best designs in the industry backed by a ten-year warranty.


Prevent Falls

• Completely custom guardrails, 4-side (360 degree) protection or 3-side (270 degree) protection allowing open access to toward the article.

• Telescopic guardrails that lower to accommodate obstacles without losing protection or extend to expand protection over the asset itself or to provide protection from side to side on a wrap-around system.

• Tool-free detachable guardrails that self-store on deck for easy reconfiguration when needed, or fold down for storage.


Eliminate Gaps

• Custom deck shapes and features capable of conforming to odd profiles or complex interfaces with less than a one-inch gap as defined by OSHA.

• Automatic locking slider decks that extend individually to provide seamless conformance to any contour with a nearly flush transition from deck to slider deck surface.

• Custom designs for perfect positioning to the article for a single point of task access, access along the full-length of an article or complete wrap-around accessibility.


Reach the Impossible

• Overcome obstacles or interferences at the ground level safely and securely while reaching access points.

• Electric actuation for effortless height control capable of vertical travel from 12 to 96 inches or more. Custom actuation also available to lift, expand or extend a deck or portion of a deck to meet access goals.

• Custom designs for technicians working in recumbency, prone or semi-prone positions.


Easy to Use

• Intuitive design and simplicity of use ensure employee safety compliance, no PPE requirements.

• Only requires one or two people to move due to the lightweight aluminum structure on industrial 8-inch dual disc casters that do not skid, require 35% less force to initiate movement, lock quickly and securely once in place.

• 100% troubleshooting support and customer satisfaction.


Prevent Loss

• Environmental restrictions such as ESD, clean room, vacuum chamber, explosion risk, etc.

• Prevent damage to equipment and potential for worker head injuries with mechanically attached bumpers and under-deck foam as well as toeboards to prevent tools falling on the asset.

• Stabilizing features available include floor leveling jacks, floor locks, electric lifting columns or fixtures for attaching the platform to the article being accessed.


Increase Productivity

• No slip, no bounce, no sway for confidence while working. Sure-footed traction provided by Spika’s extruded plank deck allows technicians to lay or kneel comfortably as they work.

• Improve task performance and technician comfort with efficiency and ergonomic upgrades.

• Virtually maintenance-free, occasional inspections recommended.

We make sure you’re happy with your purchase. Don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do for you.
– Tom Spika, Founder of Spika Design & Manufacturing

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